Oleh: PratiwiHamdhana AM,

He’s my father in Arguni, my 2nd home now, a small island in West Papua. Bapak, that’s what I call him like I did to my biological father. I couldn’t thank more to God for put me into his family. Whenever I need a ride from harbor to Arguni, even there is no boat, even sun goes down and not really safe to sail, he’s always come to pick me up, to take me home. When friends came to visit me and I said I want to take them fishing, there is always a yes from him, and yes he’s one of my fishing partner.

Oh, one more, he’s a great entrepreneur, he’s a fighter, there are some nights we can talk much about anything, but mostly he told me his stories, from just a worker in pearl mining till now he became an entrepreneur, from having no boat at all till now he got 4 already. He’s helping people without even asking much. He recruited some youths in village to work with him. He even help young man, a stranger who need a job without do any background check. He’s one of my lesson sources in life that I adore so much.

Thank you, Bapak, for a chance to be a part of my family.

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