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There are times ...

Siti Nursari Ismarini 21 Maret 2015
There are times when you just feel alone in a middle of the crowds. You miss home as much as you miss yourself. There are times when you just adore that five year-old little girl, wearing a kindergarten uniform took care of her two years-old younger brother, carrying him with so much love and care. There are times when you just feel blessed seeing for the first time those green grasses slowly growing in a brown large yard in front of your school. Thanks to those heavy rain for some these days. There are times when you just feel honored when wherever you go, those kids will go around you, calling your name in a special way with their special smile that you even can't describe. There are times when you just feel inspired by the stories those teachers told, about their first salary which is 5000-16.000 in around 80s, about their reason why finally they choose to serve as a teacher until today. How much things get changed so fast and so different for just a period of time. There are times when you just captured all the moments in one shoot. Hoping that those pictures will stay last in your memories. Hoping when the time come asking you to go, you can still looking back to those part of your life. There are times when you smiled seeing a cow giving milk for its children, seeing two hens sitting under the jerami to make sure that their children will come alive. There are times when you meet so many people in one time but you just can't remember all their name. But, you just know that they are good people with big heart. You just have to know them better by the time passed. There are times when you questioned too much but you didn't got any answer of it. You feel down and bad. But the real thing is, you just have to open your heart to understand. The answer is already there, everywhere. There are times when you just dont want to go home after school. You just choose to sit, alone, under a 'perfect' tree, in a corner of the yard, recalling all the moments you see, you listen, you feel some of these days, some of these months, here, in a new place that you called 'home'. ** written on the mid-November 2014

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