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First day : Basic Training for Student Police

Rini Setianingsih 17 Mei 2014

Today is wonderful. I spent my whole afternoon to teach new Student Police SD 2 Langkahan. Today’s lesson is  about character building. “What is the most important character that Student Police should be have?” is the first questions that released to new Police Student. One by one of them brave to speak. Responsible, honest, brave, caring to others, smart, discipline, team work are the character which mentioned by them. And Mr.Marzuki as Founder Police Student elaborate that with a good way.

Student Police as role model good student should be the first student that practice good characters. To make others do good characters, Student Police should do good character first. When exam, they have to not cheat, to show others about honest. When the teacher give some task, Student Police should have be the first and be the right student that finish it, to show others about responsible. To show about discipline, Student Police have to come on time in class. Why they have to do all that? Because Student Police is a role model to others.

After Mr.Marzuki’s session about what the most important character that Student Police should have, it is my time. I go to in front of class. It is my time to speak. But I don’t want to speak. I wanna play with them. I bring many cartoon paper, scissors, glues, cutters, colour papers, and etc. I give them a challenge to build school. Yes school, school in little size hehe. It’s called maket.

I play role as government who give a job to contractor. Police Student play as contractor who shold build school for government. After read a challenge, I give all materials to leader of Police Student, Yusna. I hope she will lead others to do what have to do and distribute all of materials. Yusna do that in a good way. But becase they are still confuse what they have to do, they do not move fastly. One by one talking to Yusna. They talk about step they have to do, what they have to do first, second and next steps. After discussion, they finally move, totally move.

Yusna distribute jobs. There is someone who make school building, make trees, make garden, make toilets, make hedge, make tables, make chairs, and etc. I’m totally happy because they show that they happy to do all that. Draw, cut, paste in the ground land. And if they do something wrong, like the trees can not stand strongly, or the cartoon not shaped like a class, they do that again from begin. Do again, until they get a good shape. They learn about don’t give up easily. They learn that result will not get in first trial. We should do, and do, and do again until finish. They are not give up.

This activities is not just talking about creativitation and don’t give up, but talking about team work. To build a school need someone who build a class, need someone who build a toilet, trees, garden, hedge and others. To get some success, we have to move together in command of leader. In group, team work is really important to get big result. If members of group is divided a main goal can not be reached.

It is my lessons to New Police Student. I hope they are be better student in school, and be better child in home. And my bis hope, they can be a good real model to others student, for make SD 2 Langkahan better.

Geudumbak, May 11, 2014 In 143th day as Pengajar Muda, Aceh Utara This article should posted in April 16, 2014. Nevertheless, I think this article still not out of date :p

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