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May 24th 2011

Patrya Pratama 30 Juli 2011
It has been more than 2 months I abandon this blog. A lot have happened. I guess I have been through one those periods when i do the most and reflect the least which is the reason why i havent spared some time to write. Experiencing, i have to tell you, is like a flow of water. You just can't stop the water so that you can tell or write stories, you have to let it flow first for a considerable length of time. So when you actually write a reflection, you have a much more complete set of stories. My next sets of stories will contains numerous settings: my placement, my class, my school, a bit about National Examination, and my overall reflection before this semester ends. Although it might sound contradictory to my previous writing, i am telling you, though, that doing Indonesia Mengajar indeed needs more than just good intentions.

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