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Good Intention IS Indeed Enough...sometimes

Patrya Pratama 13 Desember 2010
I remember when i was first finding out about Indonesia Mengajar, I looked into some of Teach for America’s websites. I found one video saying that good intentions alone are not enough at all in making this program works. I though, well, that makes sense. The world of liberals and idealism can never work without the touch of realism. And I know it too well. However good your preparation for your class, you just have to be flexible when the kids are just not on the same boat as you are. Or no matter how good Woodrow Wilson crafted the League Of Nations, ommiting big powers did not get it functioning (ok i’m a bit too far-fetched for this one). But you know what I mean, rite? That was until December 5th 2010. After the first gathering of Pasir Pengajar Muda, I was the one that insisted that I should come home earlier. Some Pengajar Muda, esp those from Tanjung Harapan Kecamatan wanted to extend their Grogot stay for another day because their school unilaterally decided to call the next Monday off since the next Tuesday was holiday. Harpitnas. Besides, the wave was not in its best mood, they say. So it was better to put safety first. I said heck no to that. I just need to be at Labuangkallo the next Monday. It was harpitnas but it was the biggest day at our school. Or so I thought it was. We were about to have our first flag ceremony since August17th 2008. I mean, for haven’s sake, I need to be there! Even when nobody at the Desa care, I do! So I decided to keep going. I got on the last taxi from Grogot to Lori. I luckily found the last Labuangkalo fisherman going back from Lori. Helped him a bit with his fishes then off we went. The wave as cool as I want it to be. It was like welcoming me back. So I guess, good intention is enough sometimes. I knew the risk of sleeping overnight at Lori port, or even going through strong waves. But I made it. Being present the next Monday just made my entire week, months, or years.

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