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Deja Vu

Patrya Pratama 13 Desember 2010
I must admit that i had this weird obsession of my teacher when I was a kid in elementary school. I could forge almost all of my elementary teachers signature. I mimmick the way they talk and walk. They scared the hell out of me when they were mad. I even took some of my unsused books and acted as if i had been the teachers and pretended giving marks. I did all these after school. I remember them all, Bu Nina’s amazing handwriting (which is quite similar to mine’s, even until now, great huruf sambung), Bu Yani, Pak Petrus, Suster Elizabeth’s weird Sundanese, Pak Petrus, Bu Sisca’s fabolous konde. Oh my Mardi Yuana Cibinong. And I can not believe i am doing exactly what they did, and did what I did when i was elementary school. This time for real. Marking kids’ work, giving encouraging comment such as “keep up the good work!” or simply plain “good”, or “you need to read more often”. And during the teacher meeting yesterday (which happened to be the school’s first in months), i was told that i will be the walikelas  3 for this semester and walikelas 4 for the next semester. Funny...

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