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SDN 002’s First-Times, We are On Our Way

Patrya Pratama 13 Desember 2010
There has been many first times that were experienced this week by our school, SDN 002. We had our first flag ceremony in years. We did it without Mengheningkan Cipta and Lagu Wajib Nasional. This coming Monday, Mengheningkat Cipta and Sabang sampai Merauke will be released (let alone sung properly) with the petugas upacara from Grade 5. Next, we had our first Lonceng Sekolah in place after some years. It had been our Lonceng for a while but for some reason the teachers put it away at corner of the office, it couldve been reflecting their commitment to time. So at least SDN 002 does sound like a school now, the lonceng rang at 8am. There are still things to work out to make the Lonceng rings regularly at certain hours. But at least we have it back for now. I am really happy for this for it is a clear reminder of the importance of time for teachers and kids. Third, we had our first few days when all teachers are present (last Wednesday untill last Saturday), all 6 of us. So for the first time I could focus on only one class. Darn it, it felt good. The funny thing was that I felt like I wanted to wander around from class to class when I just had to stay in one class. I am not sure how long this will last though. Lastly, we had our first teachers meeting in this semester. The discussion over money dominated the talks (which I couldnt care less). But we talked also about the plan of which teacher wil take care of which class. This is weird, I think, because it means that they started the semester without determining first who’s taking care of what. Pak Wahyu told me that even he took care of the classes alone either in September or October. So umm, yeah. They decided that I will be the walikelas of kelas 3 for the remaining of this semester and walikelas 4 for the next semester.  Moreover, I proposed for a mechanism where teacher that is absent has to make a report of how far he’d given lesson to his class and what the sub needs to do when replacing him. The Idea was accepted. I pushed further to have a minimum of one day of teacher meeting, which was politely declined, because the teachers themselves are not sure if they will always be present. So umm, basically, there are still many many things this school needs to work out to make it function as school. Sharing teaching ideas and setting examples of school dicipline are my top priorities. The Indonesia Mengajar request to initiate extra-curricular Pramuka is simply not feasible at the meantime. Let alone Pengembangan Masyarakat. It is a long shot. But we are on our way.

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