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When Sunday Comes

Patrya Pratama 13 Desember 2010
Do you know the feeling when you feel like youre at the right place that you wouldnt want to trade your place with anyother place on earth? The feeling when you know that it does not matter how good or how bad or even how terrible you are at doing it but you feel like you just have to do it? The sensation you feel when every other thing in the world that is happening does not matter? The feeling when you know how small miracle of aha happens?The feeling that every other thing can wait... Sounds lame this might be, but i feel it when i am at the front of the class. I know that I might suck at doing this. I am not even sure if my students give a damn to anything I say at all. I struggle to make them read, write, and count. I mean, my students even tought me origami! Even I dont believe in all the ideal things I am telling my students. You know, the harsh reality of the world could easily burry all the fantacize world I am telling them to make, and it could be burried fast, as fast as when they get out of my classroom. But i just have to come back in. And hope this Sunday will end soon. PS: this random writing is dedicated for people from all walks of profession, who love at doing thing that they think they suck at.

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