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Education for a Better Future

Noveri Maulana 2 Mei 2012

Education is not just about studying the subjects, but it is all about learning the values!


We do know that, education is one of important things in our life. Education is not just about a tradition, a circle of life, or a culture of a society. But, moreover, education is one of our needs, the needs of life, needs to survive in life, to defend our rights, to develop the societies, and for living the life. Moreover, education is not only a need, but it is also a right, a human right. That is why we must have a proper education for our generations.

                We agreed that education is important and very useful for our life. We do understand that education is a need and a right of human being. But moreover, there are some questions that we must answer before. Which education that we need? What kind of education that is really important to teach us about the life? And, what kind of education that is really useful for our societies?

Students sit on their chairs, watching teachers who standing up in front of the classes, listening silently, and keeping that action for hours. Teacher is busying on speaking, explaining the subjects without interruption. That is what they call as a studying. They called this as teacher centered learning. But I prefer to call it boring!

Studying is not about knowing the subjects only. But more than that, studying is a process of learning and understanding the meaning. Education should be built on this track. An education must provide a chance for students to explore anything from a subject. Student has to be more active. Learning something and doing more things. Here, teacher is not only teaching, but he/she must be a partner and facilitator of finding and understanding the knowledge.

       Educational Commission of UNESCO stated that an educational system should have four basics understanding of learning. Those are Learning to know, learning to do, learning to be, and learning to live together.

Learning to know  is teaching student to know knowledge based on their level of education. Students are asked to know something. Student should understand about the meaning of something. In this step, teacher should be more active to provoke student to develop their mind to find a meaning and knowing something.

Learning to do is taking student to the next level of learning. Here, students are asked to make actions, doing many things on exercises. Students are trained to apply their knowing and understanding of something, to be something real in practices. Exercises, practicing the instructions, and doing some tasks are the key of this second step. Here, students are prepared with some skills and individual interest to solve the problems in real life.

Learning to be is teaching student to be a human being completely. Here students are taught about the values of life. Students are asked to find the purpose of their life, the meaning of their self, and the future that they want to be. Students are being prepared to be someone better, better for them and others.

Learning to live together is teaching students to be someone as a part of society. Students are taught about the norms, rules, and the values of living together. Here, students are provoked to find their own meaning about living together, respect on diversity, and living in interdependence. Students are prepared to be someone useful for others with their knowledge and skills. Students are prepared to be someone who can combine among mind and heart. After this step, students are not only as a smart person but also as a human being with a feeling.

And now, the answer has been found. The form of education that we need for our life is an education that combining mind and heart. we are not going to be a smart one, but we're also going to be a humble one. Therefore, education is not just about studying the subjects, but it is all about learning the values.

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