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Pekerjaan Saya Tidak (selalu) Melankolis

Nisa Permatasari 3 November 2011


Any job coming out of passion is true. Job also means things to be done.

Now I’ve been a teacher for elementary school. The way I see it, I work for an industry. And since I work for a public school, and to be noted public is a vast aspect in this country, I might as well say I work for country’s biggest human resource industry.

Let’s go a little bit more on the teacher title. A teacher, elementary school teacher, teaches basic things. My students are children: with a little knowledge, comes a big curiosity. The tricky part is, the job requires not only teaching but also educating. You want to introduce a series of good attitude for the students, building their character. In small areas where the people are secluded, or under-developed, parents don’t always do their job in educating their children. I remember when I was a little, my mother used to tell me to come greet the guests. Here when we have new people coming, the children would only look behind their mothers’ back and the neighbors would talk about the new people. It’s the different culture, or rather, the negative value. Therefore, teachers should be the driver in nurturing good attitude and common sense in children.

So then you might say, that is such a nobel work. Well, again, all work is nobel when you put your best into it. We elementary teachers are working with young minds, raw material. Our job is to shape the material into something that can be used for the wealth of society. If we were the human resource department, we determine what is the best approach/training to increase the quality of our employees. We monitor the progress, we forecast the return on this particular investment. We provide service. Now, am I knocking some logic of the job into you?

The drama. Working around children brings certain feeling indeed. It’s only natural that children are quite amusing. At the place where I teach, amusing my children is even an easier job to perform. It’s easy to be the favorite teacher, to be loved. I smile and greet my students everyday, bam! I’m the favorite teacher. You know why? Because even children know how to return a sign of respect. I give a clear reward and punishment, then I’m a hero. It’s so easy because it’s new, because it’s unusual. I can go on and on about moments to embrace your affection but not now.

Teaching as Pengajar Muda is a special job in one way or another, in my opinion. But a job is a job. It’s not always melancholic. I do feel proud, and more than often I feel like I’m doing something useful. But I also feel angry, frustrated, ashame, or just flat.

On seemingly to be on the contrary, my point to say is be a teacher. Or rather, work on something where you’re part of someone else’s growth. Of course you some people want to be an entrepreneur but don’t you want  qualified workers? Of course you want to work in a bank, but don’t you need the market to be aware on the importance on having saving account? And you simply want to be a mother/father, but of course you don’t want your children to be under-developed. Remember, I’m talking about human resource industry for the wealth of the society. Society means you.

Who says teacher only available at school? As simple as it gets, if you’re a good parent, you’re a good teacher. Moreover, who says Indonesia Mengajar is your only way to be a teacher? But if you’re interested anyway, then join in!

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