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Am i happy with my life?

Agung Yansusan Sudarwin 29 Mei 2012


When i was senior high schooI until graduated, i didn’t care enough about understanding my passion. When i tried to choose my majoring, i chose Regional and Urban Planning (my bachelor degree’s majoring) with no idea about it. Thus, i chose it randomly, without considering my passion. How silly i was. It made me as a student with no vision of carreer for 4 years.  My life was so empty.

Until one time, i realized that life is never ever can be rewinded. I started to make a promise to my self that my life has to be unique and amazing. Thus, when i plan on setting my life as ordinary as other people, it means i break my own promise to my self. Then i asked my self, how to make my life unique and amazing. I was confused about it yet I’ve got a good refference from a book written by Rene Soehardono, he wrote that “Embrace your passion, live a life of action, build our nation”. It is a good quote for me to pursue my dream (having an amazing life). Quite simple isn’t it?

When we talk about passion, sometimes it’s hard for us to define what passion is. I hope it will help you in defining passion. It’s (not) what you’re good at, it is what you enjoy the most, it’s your passion (Rene). Finding kind of our passion is uneasy, but it will be better instead of abandoning it.

Passion leads us to happiness. Yes of course, if you do something and you enjoy it, you will feel happy won’t you? Then how if our pasion can help people, produce money for our daily needs, contribute to the community; it will share happiness to everyone too. We are going to be happy together.

Live a life of action?

Life has to be full of actions. I can’t imagine if i was inevitable to live without doing something meaningful in my life. Born, studying hard, working, marrying, having a baby, getting old, having grandchild and then dying. That is not sexy and so classic. How if we make a lot of actions in order to make other people happy. I believe that we will feel happy too. What kind of actions? You choose it by yourself (without hurting other people), because ...

Happiness only real when shared (Mccandless). Let’s get happy together.

Build our nation?

Why we should serve our country? because our national hero such as Soedirman, Cut Nyak Dien, Muhammad Hatta, and many more had made sacrifice for us through fighting the colonizer. They risked their life for us, but don’t we ever think that we risk our life for who? For what? For ourself? Our clan? Or only our family? The answer depends on ourself, but i just want to say that living by serving the nation through real action without cursing the situation is living with an honor.

Let’s serve the country with our full power. Let’s serve our country without cursing the situation only. Let’s serve the country with little action brought to community. Let’s serve the country with action, because action shouts louder than just talking only.

Anyway, I want to share my passion. My passion are playing music and teaching. I have a dream, someday i can travel all over the world and make contribution to the local community through teaching and playing music. It must be fun. How to make it come true? Actually i don’t know how, but i’ve got clues to reach all of my dreams. The clues are ...

Be who i am

Do what i love

Be nice to everyone

Ask help to Alloh

Contribute to community

Then Have what i need (not what i want)

Guess what i am doing now? I am proving the clues will make my dreams come true.

Wish me luck! :D

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