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Adversity Quotient

Agung Yansusan Sudarwin 29 Mei 2012


Every human has their own life. You, me, and others.  Our life will be getting better if we never stop learning . We are life-time learner. When we found something new, sometimes we didn’t realize that we were learning something. For instance, when we face new problem in our life, we will automatically think about how to solve the problem. The process when we are thinking is part of learning, including the process when we act, evaluate, listen to other people, see the reality, are parts of learning too. Therefore, We are learner.

As a learner, we need to know that human has more than 3 quotients. We usually hear that every human has intellegence, spiritual and emotional quotient only. But there is more quotients that i want to share, one of it is adversity quotient.

Adversity quotient was announced firstly by Paul Stoltz, He said that challenge can be transformed as an oportunity. IQ and EQ is not the only key factors to get success. In avoiding frustation, giving up for something, we need to improve our adversity quotient, not only IQ, SQ and EQ. There are other factors in improving our life quality such as self-motivation, inner-strength to survive, and “never give up” personality. Those personalities are examples of adversity quotient. You can create your own definition about adversity quotient.

Paul Slotz analogized the type of human as a mountain climber. There are quitters, campers and climbers. Every mountain climbers have the same goal, reaching the peak of mountain. Paul Stoltz determined 3 type of human :

1.       Quitters

Quitters is such a climber who stop the climbing from the start. Quitters always under estimate their selves. They stop climbing without try it first. Every obstacles is not seen as a challenge but threat of their life and cancel their goal.

2.       Campers

Campers is type of mountain climber who camp in a mountain area before they reach the peak of mountain. They feel that camp-area is comfort zone, so they are reluctant to continue the climbing, they feel it is comfort zone for them, so the goal to reach the peak is not their objective anymore.

3.       Climbers

Climbers is type of mountain climber who see every obstacles as challenges. And they transform the challenges into an oportunity to improve their experience in climbing the mountain. They focus on their goal, and do it passionately.

Which one are we? All the types reflect the capacity of adversity quotient. There is no good or bad, its all about choice. Doing something passionately? Staying in the comfort zone? Canceling the goal and doing something ordinary with low risk?

If you ask me, i will answer “i have just one life, i want to make it extraordinary and do it passionately, i wanna be the real climber”.


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