My Kids.. Part 1

Adeline Susanto 4 Desember 2010
It has been six days since I start to formally teach the second graders. My Kids are super cool. Consist of 13 girls and 12 boys. Each of them is such a cute unique creatures and I loves them! Well, this does not mean that I do not get stress taking care of them along the way. Especially the way I did not get what they were talking about as they talked in Mandar language. I do, for sure. “Puang, do you mean like this? Puang , like this? Puang, look at me! Puang...” said Hasanuddin, like, every 5 minutes. Puang is a kind of calling for honorable person such as the elders and teacher. Back to the topic. Hasanuddin is a very small, cute, and talkative boy. Most of the time he is actively engaged in the lesson. So much engaged the he wanted to show me every step He has made. I am happy to get this kind of student, especially when the class is quiet. But yet, my classrom never gets its quiet time. Run on the table is a common atittude when I was concentrating on some students. Mention other things such as paper plane, broom throwing, chalk stealing, book toring, et cetera, et cetera. Pretty sure I can get crazy if I do not just make myself laugh. And there is also this boy called Basir. He always used hat, on its opposite position. Probably it looks cool for him, and it actually is. However, as the school needs what is called uniformity and discipline. I always asked him to take of his hat during the lessons. He is a good boy anyway, with a gentle heart. He is quite quiet during the lesson and not the kind of boy who would revenge the naughty friends. Instead, he choose to cry. Talking about crying, other boy called Aril is just the one. This little boy is smart and eager to study. He do not want to get behind his friends, which made him crying all the time when he did not  bring his homework. Upon the size, I guess he is the smallest boy on my class. My favorite is Rudi. This boy still cannot read and write. Most of the the time he just draw the letters, with many mistakes. He likes to make fun his friends. And he used to be absent for different reasons. On Monday, for example, because there is no uniform (washed? Gone? I do not know!). On Friday he did not come because he can find no socks (while usually he just wears sandals). He absolutely got to go to school, at least to learn a better reason to escape. Anyway, He happily asked me to use ballpoint instead of pencil on Thursday because he do not have pen. I said ok, but I told him that ballpoint is unerasable. Then there comes a time where I checked on his writing works which he made lots of mistakes. I said then, he should write the correction below the writing because the pen cannot be erased. Guess what, he then cried. Shit... I tried to calm him and he finally continue his work. Right after that, he is like a change man. He helped me turn out the kids books, and collected the pencil eraser through the class (our class has 7 eraser that kids could use. Here is a girl now. And Impressive lady I could say. She is Sartika. The smartest, most mature, and highly spirited. She got a great leadership as well. She asked me, “you must be tired taking care of 2nd grade?” and when the class gets chaos she would say, “teacher, you should call us one by one, if not, they (her friends) will crowd and then some kids will cry upon the contact.” And she is absolutely right! This girls is just special. While all kids from 1st grade to 6th grade used to come to my house right after I am getting home, far before I touch my lunch, on the contrary she would say, “Take a rest, teacher, I can come on other time.” Is not that sweet? I am a little bit worried about her development, though. She is far ahead her friends in class therefore she got to wait all the time. It could took her 20 minutes to finish the work while most of others would need like 70 minutes or more. I just wish I could facilitated her more without highly stand her in front of the class. Okay, that is the story of my kids, first part. Innocent looking monsters. To be continued..

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