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Hate THAT voice

Adeline Susanto 4 Desember 2010
Those dogs are crying, can’t you even understand that pure sound!?? Many people in my villages owned one or more dogs. They use these dogs to catch pigs in the jungle or one that eat crops. Sometimes they sold the catched pig to the people from Manado. They don’t eat pigs because it is forbidden in Islam. Are you imagining how one master loves his/her pet? People said that dogs are men best friend. They can be really loyal such as the famous Hachiko. If you do imagine it, rip it of right away. You will see the other way in my villages. They just don’t care about the dogs. All of the dogs are damn skinny and they look for food by scavanging through the neighbourhood. You see, people hate when they are being disturbed, especially by animals which they thought harmful. So it is a common thing that people throw stones at the dogs, shout to get them gone, and other annoying behaviours. Many times the dogs, as well as the puppies, become the victims of man’s hidden hatred and madness. Here you go, the scream of those dogs are up in the sky. I cannot stand listening to it. I can tell that people might not be able to feed those dogs due to their poverty. BUT. What I hate is the way people put the animals as the anger target of their diabilities to develop their lives. In other way, they just treat animals as a pure comodities, not a living things. Say that this writing is a selfish and egoistic with subjectivity point of view. For me, when you got the brain-or even not-, you should have understand that being sick is not nice. Even when you say that you are not that smart, uneducated, and other pesimistic permission, you know that being harmed is not cool. When it hurts for you, it could be worse for other animals. When you have hospitals for medication and court to ask for the justice, where in the world should the animals go to fight their right to live? the dogs are getting crazy (literally, in term of health, they get rabies)..

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