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First Walk out!

Adeline Susanto 15 Desember 2010
Dec 10 2010 Today was a disaster. I walked out of my class. My students and I already have a rule to obey. I give them four stars besides their name. I said that if they be a good student, they will get more stars. But. If they break the rule, they will lose one star. In practice, most of them did not obey the rule. Like most of the adults nowaday though. When I start to lose their stars, they started to look on others mistakes. They did not give attention to the lesson but gave great effort to convince me that someone had broken rules. If then the class gets even slightly calmer then it will need a not-so-big-effort to manage the class. However, thing was not that easy. In front of me, 4 students turn one of their friend upside down. You know, really, head below. What’s next? Loud cry was on the air. I kept my patience and still try to smile. After the break, I took them out of the class to observe a plant from root to leaves. I took one sample and brought it to class. Some of my students take samples with them. They get pretty exciting. So exciting that they keep on going in and out of the class to get a bigger plants. I cannot control the door anymore. Okay, I said to my self, it is now time to show some anger and play some act. I said loudly to my student that if they did not want to study then I’d better go. I took my bag and go to teacher’s office. Some teachers are still there and they get curious why all student in my class went out and stare at the office. I said that I act as I get angry with them. I told the homeroom teacher beside my class to support my act by advising the student not to get wild. After some time, some of my students brave themselves and come closer. My sweet sport teacher helped me out ask the student what happen. One smartest student answers: “Kelas 2 ribut, banyak yang keluar masuk kelas tidak minta izin. Awalnya Bu Aline bersabar tapi kesabarannya sudah habis.” Okay, I am smiling now. How can’t I to hear that? But still need to cover it though, or I will break what I’ve built in the past minutes. My students finally say sorry to me and  I go again to their room. After that? The class got surprisingly quiet. I said sorry in front of the class for getting angry. I told them to listen when I talk as they want to be listened to when they talked. They promised me not to repeat the mistakes. The next lesson, Nationalism education, is the calmest class ever. They listened to my story telling using paper puppet very well and they try to solve the question I gave. Hm... the anger act was gooood! I know it will not long last, but at least, they know now that I can get angry.

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