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Birthday me..

Adeline Susanto 30 April 2011
Welcoming my 24th birthday.. I want to have my own story. One story to tell, to share, or even to shout out. The story of me, with me as the center, the main character. It could be a heroic story, an inspirational story, or a worth enough failure story. Means I really did something with my life; not standing in the corner, watching people do this and that, listening and gaining fake inspiration. Gosh.. it has been 24 years since the womb releases me painfully. Its been years since those miracle happens.   I ain’t remember much about my toddler. My parents  said that I represent the “trouble two”. One of the case is that I climb the roof on that year 2, and crying desperately when I knew I cannot go down. I remember slightly my very first day at kindergarten. My mom was about to picked me home when I refused and joined the afternoon class as well. Over all memories remain, I guess I am an annoying spoiled big little masculine girl on my childhood. Let’s talk about today, yeay! I started the day by finally have my morning prayer. Finally trying to be still in the morning before rushing the day. God should have His throne back in my heart before what is called “too late” comes. And actually, it feels good when you have a time for yourself before you sweating yourself and squeezing your brain the entire day. It feels good to have an awesome Guide to help you walk the life and a forgiving Father to love you even after doing howlers. And the day has now begun.. I reached the school and taught Math on geometry, you know, square, triangle, trapezium, cylindrical, etc. It was far more receptable that teaching fraction. Probably because these thingy is far mor visible than an abstract  workbook of fraction. When I got more of the kids intention, a sound of knock at my door blown about the consentration. I was called by the supervisor to go to SD 42 Palipi. Feel uncomfortable to leave school before class ends, I want to refused.  But this is how things work here. All the meeting, was held on working hour, while teacher’s working hour is only on school time. So meeting time equals student free time. What would you call that? In that sudden meeting, I was told that there will be an Science and Math Olympiad on the following day. I repeat more clearly, the day of Math and Science Olympiad is tomorrow. Man, is it so hard to publish the Olympiad sooner? Or could it be, in a positive way, each of us, both teacher and student, were challenged to be ready  anytime anywhere? The supervisor asked me to be in charged for the Olympiad and selecting the participating student . I was then, rushingly, making the question sheet at school. One of my kids, Sardi, remember my birthday and singing happy birthday.  Other kids then asked me my birth date so they figured out that today is my birthday. I feel awesome to be greeted by my kids whom never even celebrate their own birthday.  I went home after selecting students of m class for the region 3 selection. Glad to see Sakti come and help around later on. The selection gone well and one of my kids, Yunita, will represent  region 3 in Majene, together with 2 other kids. After the test, me and the kids went for fishing in the port. I asked some teacher to join us fishing and they got beaten up by my kids. My kids are great fishermen, I just knew. The sun went down, finally. I went home and took dad’s motorcycle to take Yunita back home around 1 km from mine. In the evening, me , dad, mom had a short talk about many things. Kiddos come, we studied, and when it’s getting late, I took a short walk to one of my kids house and found an amazing sky figures. An ocean of diamonds in the sky. The walk end after I hold a so cute baby pigs on my hand. It was captured on the late afternoon. And I went home, do this writing. And I grateful for what I have been through, come through, to be who I am today.

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