That Kids around me

Abdul Rasyid Harman 14 Desember 2014

Kids are always amazing. With their magic thing that so called act-of-craziness make them special. At least in the eyes of those who claim themselves as kids lover.  

Well, despite of their 'magic thing', they are a reflection of happiness & freedom. As a kid, they know how to make things attractive in magical ways.  Being close to their world means being close to joy & freedom. They love to try new things even when the people around them try to 'close' their door of curiosity.

I am just one of that lucky-guys who have been interacting, learning and exploring their world, the world of happiness. I have to admit that, they are living angels in human form. Oh, I don't have any (appropriate) words to describe this. Do you?  Well, for me they are my source of inspiration in many unexplainable ways.  Those kids (around me) are my dear students and teachers at the same time. They teach me a lot. Yeah, we are students who learn from one another. 

No need to mention, I am having more than fun with them. They are, as what I have stated, the reflection of freedom & happiness. 

It has been half of my time playing that role of Pengajar Muda in the Village named Mangsang where I create my stories with those kids. And as the time goes by, I can humbly say that we are good friends now.

They simply make my days go round. No matter what. And sometimes, they also make my day go silly and funny in the same time. Especially when it comes to conversation using their mother tongue. They would laugh whenever I miss-spell certain words.

Nevertheles, they have been supportive in teaching me their native language. My vocabularies slowly but surely increased every day. It’s not that hard I would say, since the dictionary has always there around the corner. And it’s not just one. It’s a lot and alive!

Yes, the kids are the dictionaries. They are, let’s call them walking dictionaries. Sound weird? Not really I guess. Hehe..

Another thing I love most about them is their pure and straight-forward answers and questions while in the classroom. Their eagerness to learn new things drive me crazy. I keep telling them that they may ask me anything about everything as long as I can answer it. And I am not shy to admit about my lack of knowledge when dealing with questions that I completely have no idea about.

Thankfully, they never addressed me some heavy questions about the things that I have no interest in.

Alhamdulillah. All prises to the Almighty, Allah Swt for all these uncountable blessing.



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