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Patrya Pratama 30 November 2010
I can’t believe that it is 2 weeks already I am at Labuangkalo. I think I am doing ok although there are areas where I am really impatient. I remember when Pak Hikmat Hardono once said that the first two months would be some sort of “honeymoon”. Now i am telling myself, “where the heck is my honeymoon?”. To be honest, I feel very jealous with fellow Pengajar Muda for their touching and great stories. Some have initiated an extra-curricular activities, some are having great Teachers Day, and some seem to have found certainty regarding their roles at school. Mines are completely different story. I feel lucky enough to have my school gets going for each day. I am lucky enough to have my students are of the same numbers when the school starts, has breaks, and ends. And I am lucky enough to just teach one class every day. Forget extracurricular, just to have regular teaching day is the greatest gift for me. This first weeks of teaching for me is more of a getting a sense of what “usual days” look like at SDN 002 Labuangkalo. A lot to be done I know. I think people have recognize me well as the new teacher at school. No more foreign looks aimed at me. Next few weeks should me more strategized in pushing progress I’d like to implement. Entering my second week teaching, i am trying to impose more dicipline among students. Kids here hit each other easily, resulting in one kid cries after another. Moreover, kids love to throw each other with stuff, resulting in another cries for help. I tried Bu Wei’s method to put kids into groups and then each group be given certain points. When someone from the group throw things around or hit someone, the group’s points will be deducted. It worked for sometime, but I get a bit overwhelmed when a lot of students keep doing it. I set a “punishment table”, so that kids that keep repeating bad behavior can sit there play by himself with other kids being prohibited to talk to him. Man it is tough. Managing classroom is already really hard for me. I dont pay much attention to any lesson that I am giving because just get the class conducive enough is already tiring. This 2nd week marked by my teaching 4 classes at the same time while Pak Wahyu teaches grade 5 and 6. Yes, it is only me and Pak Wahyu available. Don’t ask me where the heck other teachers are. If this keeps going on for the next one year, I simply don’t see any point in making RPP. I am too busy going from one class to another in 10 minutes, doing “fire extinguisher” (when kids are crying) or other things rather than paying attention to RPP. Furthermore, I think lots of kids here are well behind their respected grade. So when he/she is in grade 4, under the normal circumstances he/she should be in grade 3/2. Basic reading, writing, and counting are still obstacles that these kids have not been able to overcome. I know it is difficult, well, no-one telling me this is easy. So I am looking forward to what I can do next. Any input will be welcomed.

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