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Read, Pray, and Love

Patrya Pratama 6 Februari 2011
Remember that movie Eat, Pray, Love? Yes, it is Julia Roberts in it and yes she is hot, but im not talking about it (just yet). Remember when Liz emailing friends that she met during her “world tour” after she got divorced, asking them to donate money for a woman she knows in Bali (played by Christine Hakiem). The woman needs money to restart her life after getting divorced herself. She has a daughter named “Tuti” which (i hope im right) means “everybody” in italians. In the emails, Liz wrote something like “afterall, the donation would be for Tutti (for everybody). What I am trying to say is that since there are many many problems in the world, serious problems. We know them from newspaper, tv, internet, you name it. Empathy? For sure. But how many times you find yourself not able to find the right channel to help out? I think we can all be like Liz. Collecting support from whoever she knows to help out and make difference. Just find a cause, a good cause that you trully believe in and can make immediate impact through your presence, then start gathering support. I myself find it extraordinary when I started doing this. The problem is that it happens to be that my school is lacking books. It is such a shame that we expect them to able to read while they dont have anything to read. As far as I know, we must have books first. So I tell this problems to some of my friends, to see if they can do something about this. The result was better than expected. Books donations poured well. Even some a friend of mine in Singapore spread emails himself asking his colleague to donate books to my school. As a result, 6 boxes of books are coming next week to my school. A nice-late-new year gifts for the kids in a form of around 600 story books. You can do too!

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