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Obama’s here, Yaiy! Not...

Patrya Pratama 19 November 2010
It felt like a national histeria. The Anak Menteng was back. I know it is an insult to international relations graduate to see diplomatic relations has something to do with leader’s childhood experience, but ok I give it a break. I do believe that past experience does give you perspectives that others dont have. I am not trying to fool myself to write about Indonesia-US relations –the thing I greatly miss from my undergrad class-, but there’s at least one thing that cought my attention from Obama’s speech at Universitas Indonesia. Obama mentioned that Indonesia has changed a lot since his childhood time here. Skyscrapers, roads, democracy are among the things that have developed now. Before I could even think about his statement, huge bump on the road on my way to Pasir District from Balikpapan literally threw me out of my seat at the bus. What was Obama talking about, better infrastructure? And then in Pasir, I stayed in a luxurious Regent House, was given nice lunch, but then found out that many still lives below poverty line. What was Obama talking about, democracy? Then i found schools at my village has been enduring many limitations –i’ll elaborate this on next post-. What was Obama talking about, development? His speech does not resonate well in my corner of Indonesia.Oh, now I remember he was just another Anak Menteng. Shouldn’t we, Indonesian, get carried away by the feel-good speech?

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