I'm A Teacher

Nisa Permatasari 10 Januari 2011
II spent 2010 New Year’s eve with rather sophisticated activities, if i may say so. It was sushi as our late lunch/early dinner, some fancy drinks, and watching fireworks from Plasa Senayan’s parking lot. We continued the night driving to the old part of Jakarta. My hostmom always say that I’m a young lady now. I can say I start 2010 as a metropolitan young lady. This year is another different story. I spent my New Year’s eve camping at school. I watched my students having fun building their tents. I watched them cook and swim in the river. I made them walk the muddy track for some games. I spent the night in front of a big bon fire; I ate a whole chicken from a big wooden stick. Oh yes, i had some fireworks, too. I was standing in the middle of the school yard when the fireworks started. The sparks was right above me and it was so close. I got so excited i spin myself around. I was definitely far away from city lights. The school was the festive spot surrounded by vast darkness of Kalimantan. In the morning, we cleaned up the school before going home. The huge rain and wind blew down everything standing on the school yard earlier in that morning. Everything was wet and cold. It’s was all good though, we’re excited for the coming holiday. I greeted everyone happy holiday, I’ll see you in second semester. I start 2011 as a teacher. I am a teacher.

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