A Tall Tale - Why is Cat Afraid of Water

Nisa Permatasari 26 November 2010
This was an old post taken from my Facebook Notes. Originally written in February, when I spent most of my days among children. The idea just came when I had to write an example of a Tall Tale for a writing class. I was reading one of Tolkien's book at Nearly one hundred years go, on the banks of the wide river of an old-forgotten jungle this tale started. Listen as you may have the time for you might find it amusing; to cheer your gloomy day in this endless rain. On the contrary, as we go back to the story, the day was hot and dry. The sun was brightly down onto one big group of ancient cats. During olden days, spoken as men they may, cats were careless and foolish. Among others, Pus was significant. The particular had its eyes desired to jump into the glittering river. So it did for it was ever as free-minded as the blowing wind. Unknown to everything above land was a crocodile with its heart cooled and dimmed; cooled for the water biased the warmth of the sun and dimmed for the old woe forbore by all of its kin since the day of creation. The splash and the merry had awoken the crocodile. Its heart suddenly set to hatred toward a simple joy of splashing the water. For the crocodile could never do so. But it was also maybe because the surprise of having other enter its territory unwelcomed. So thus the crocodile saw Pus and moved swiftly thither, for it is truly able to do so in the water. The strong jaw so closely snapped for the cat's tail, saved only by a small part of wood that was carried away by the stream. Risen by the sudden fear, not yet comprehending the matter, the cat gave all his might to reach the land. The effort was not easy when the counterpart was also full of will. Nonetheless it was not fruitless, the fate had yet on the favor of the cat. Filled with wounds it was, although alive still. The cat walked down the path of his group. The cat announced to all of his kind beware of water for a crocodile is lurking deep unconditionally ready to slain. So it said that the group of ancient cats took the words of Pus. From then on, water was to be afraid by all cats for it will bite, as crocodile would. And all races of crocodile grew darker in will for being misjudged by that one incident so long ago.

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