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Dear God, My Students are Not Stupid.

Nisa Permatasari 26 November 2010
Dear God, My students are not stupid. You know this fact better than anyone, or anything. Well, You know what I mean. I am told not to whine. Ok, I’ll do my best. Yet, You also know me best. It’s rather impossible for me not to whine, at all. Rumor has it that we mortals turn to You unconditionally. Plus, I will not be blamed for whining to You. That’s rather unfair, isn’t? You must feel tired sometime listening to all of us. Sorry for that. Ok, where am I going again? Oh, whining yes. So my students are not stupid. No, really. I know they’re not like the smartest ones who get to go to academic competitions and all, but You should see them in my class. Or when they’re playing soccer. You know how hard it is to pronounce even the simplest word in English? It takes all their might to say “My name is...” or “I’m fine”. They would close their eyes, think hard, shape their mouth and tounge, take seconds before they could actually say it. The sound may not come out perfect anyway but that’s ok. They’ve said it! It takes courage to say those silly words, not to mention the strange sounds, in front of their friends and teacher. Especially when the teacher is me, who dress up differently and look as strange as those so-called English words. Oh come on. I think everybody should be in their shoes, just to know the feeling. And hey, they greet me everyday. In English! Often now I hear my students shout afar, or whisper shyly, “Good morning, Miss!” and “How are you, Miss?”. For that, I declare that my students are not stupid. I know I should not say bad things in regards of others but can I ask for a little mischief? Just a tiny one. Could you burn that old lady’s TV, please? So she could no longer watch sinetron. So she could teach better. So she would never ever say that my students are stupid just because some of them have trouble reading. Thank you. She would probably buy another TV You know it. But still. Love, Nisa Ps: I’m sure my students know more English than that Old Lady. And they can read it better as well.

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