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Breakthrough of Our Life

Agung Yansusan Sudarwin 27 April 2012



Education is everyone’s right. We deserve to be educated. No boundary for everyone to get educated. But sorry to say, that is normative. The reality talks different than we hoped. Its hard to make a change in our education system as long as the people has no good character within itself. Our education system breakthrough made by policy maker is not worth it enough, if the mental corruption disease still sprawled into all the existing system. Every good willing is impeded by corrupt system, including good willing of education breakthrough. What should we act then? Sitting around, watching the chaos, and condemning everything? My personal advise will say ‘NO’. Lets make a little breakthrough for our life. Lets make a milestone of our life. But how?

Education system is hard to be fixed instantly. It needs a will of our top leader such as president, minister and other stakeholders to implement the education normative rules resolutely. And of course it must be backed up with youth contribution like us. As youth generation of change, we have to avoid all bad habit like cursing the situation, criticizing education problem issue without doing something, blaming every people. Stop that! Just do one thing, contribution.

What kind of little contribution that we can share? As youth, we have weekend spare time haven’t we? That is a chance of our time to make a breakthrough in our life, helping people or community. Just give your at least 2 hours for character education contribution. Any idea about what kind of it? I’ve got my own idea. I, accompanied by my friends,  am gonna visit a senior high school in suburb Bandung. We will share about motivation, inspiration stories, contributing to the nation through our passion and scholarship information. I’ve done it before in Rote island. Eventhough the result was out of my expectation, i felt great and i used my time perfectly, its amazing and fun in inspiring people. i am sure that other youth generation breakthrough will be more enermous. Because i’ve seen alot of youth who have brighter intellegence and stronger loving emotion to this country, than me.

Can you imagine, how if there is a mass movement created by youth generation in saving national character building through little actions, it will be a new super power booster in helping out our nation from a fact that we are having fallen behind from other countries.

Lets make a breakthrough in our life through little action, in creating stronger character bulding of our nation.

Knowing our nation means knowing our own character deeply

Saving our national character building means saving ourself from chaos effectively.


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