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Patrya Pratama 30 November 2010
I only have one experience of going into a wedding in a culture that is foreign to me. It was in 2005, i attended an American wedding at Las Vegas where people say that normally people could go for a divorce for as soon as they got married at that “fast track wedding chapel”. It was weird I know. It was not regular wedding even to American culture. So this time, i attended another wedding, it is the niece of my Kepala Desa (head village)’s wedding. So this experience completes my experience to Labuangkalo’s special events after touring from house to house for food during Idul Adha celebration, going to a 40-day the death of one villager, the selamatan someone who is in Mecca for Hajj, working together in building a tambak door, and going menjulu (fishing). It is incredible that all these experiences always involve good dishes to eat! This time is no different. So here it goes. I was invitied to Pak Kades’ house (where the wedding akad and the celebration) around 4pm. There are selected people, the host invited over around 10 men. We were given a handful of dishes. They are basic dishes, but I can see that those were specially cooked for us. After the dish, I sat for a quick chit-chat. I left because the people kept talking in Bugis/Bajau and I was tired of looking for translation. Later that night, every Labuangtowners were invited over to the house again. This time for the akad. The host let me in just so I know how the akad went. After the akad, we were all served again with cakes and local finger-food. It was good actually (until I realized that night that I had an alergy –bad one- of ikan teri jarum-jarum). During the whole process, my ears were kind of deaf because the host played such a loud music –so thatb every Labuangtown-er knows the event was about to start. Cinta Satu Malam and Keong Racun were definetely among the top two hit-list at Labuangkalo. God... That was the whole process. No prasmanan table, no making lines to shake hand with the couple. It was pretty simple, but the whole village came to that small house. The thing that people at big city often dont give a damn, even to those wedding right across their house.

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