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I Fail

Patrya Pratama 30 Juli 2011
It Is true that when you actually re-read your writing after a while, you’d sometimes doubt whether you were really saying what you meant, or you question if it was objective or not. Here was my writing when the OSK result came out. None of the kids I tutored was succesful. I was surprisingly devastated. But then I know, that it is still a long shot for my school. It’s just a fight that should wait to be fought. Next time, I’ll fight the battle I can fight at the right time.

I Fail

(aftermath of OSK results)

This is not a good day at all. I felt like i am the worst teacher at best, a citizen in despair at best. At first i thought OSK would mean simply extra matter, just to get the students some experience of being in a competition. But then i realize it is  golden chance to produce a small good news from our villages. You see, it has been all bad news pouring out of the village for the last couple of years. The Kepala Desa and his secretary have just been arrested for corruption cases (kids of whom are my students at school). Only to be replaced by another corrupt villager (found corrupting the village’s government’s rice allowance). All I asked was one and was one only: a student passing Kuark Kecamatan selection would produce a glimmer of hope that Finally, a piece of good news comes out of the village. Finally. But I guess its gonna be a long shot for us. Sorry.

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