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The Start of New Semester

Nisa Permatasari 13 Januari 2011
Thinking of going back to school after one week holiday was rather a let down. It wasn't so much of the school, but the place in general I guess. If you've tasted the life in this place, the city can definitely sway you. Now i can kind of understand why people are bearing with the crowd and toughness of big cities. It's the dynamic life that drive them to stay. And the million bulbs of course. The one week get away was great. I got to do things I used to do; sitting around at Starbucks having my coffee among strangers was the highlight of the week. I had my good old life back! I know I know, you must think I'm such a city girl. But 21st century is behind. I'm back to the place where life seems like being in the past. Wow, how such a paradox is that. Twenty first century, back. Funny. Anyway, yes I'm back in Suatang. And hey, 1st day of school was surprisingly exciting. I don't know, I'm definitely having fun in class watching movies, or playing puzzle, or reading stories. The weirdest thing is i feel most excited explaining my students about the new writing-book management that we're going to do until the end of the semester. And what is writing-book management you ask? Well, it's how to write in your book correctly of course. You start from the blank page, from the top. And then you go down until 1 page is full. and then you go to the next page. Right the next page. So you dont need to leave 1 page empty for whatever reason. You think this is silly? Well, come here and come see my students' books. Maybe I get excited because it's the simplest thing ever, but it's going to make a big difference. My students have got to know how to write in their book correctly. Ok. My class is starting sook. 1st grader.

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